Joel Becks Homepage

I recently launched the new website of the Soul Blues Rock artist ‘Joel Becks’. The main objective was to improve the digital communication between the artist and his fans. We therefore chose to use WordPress so that Joel Becks is able to write and post articles (including videos and photos) on his own and without any programming skills needed. I also worked on a new design – cleaner and catchier. Graphic artist Sven Kretzschmar was hired to make a sketch of the band (see banner on the top of the page).

The website navigation has also been improved to provide an optimal viewing experience: it is now ‘responsive’, meaning that the layout will adapt to the viewing environment (desktop PC, smartphones, tablets). Last but not least, I integrated all relevant social media tools for Joel Becks (Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud) – easy to access at the top. A link to Instagram will also soon be available.

Take a look at the Joel Becks’s website: Official Website